Just a quick note on my plans. Barring a change in my habits and time*, I plan to post something at least once a day, and once a biweekly on Wednesdays, I plan to post a short video on the associated youtube channel, http://www.youtube.com/user/Contrapologist.

I dearly love language as well, so every Friday(ish) I plan to use that day’s post to review a book, or at least something of reasonable (at least essay length) that I enjoyed or find meaningful. The other days aren’t spoken for yet, but if you have an idea, feel free to let me know.

The format (one post a day) often does not leave me with a lot of time for niceties, so I tend to post things before editing. So posts will change over time as I go back and edit, and I will doubtless make some mistakes.

The aim is to be theist and atheist friendly and provide a foundation for discussion by talking about definitions, logic, and methods of communication. I might rant in separate videos about things that bother me, but the weekly episode is intended to help people learn why I think what I think and how I came to my conclusions, not to scream at people and call them names.

I do reserve the right to call you silly (I am often silly) and ignorant (I am profoundly ignorant on more subjects than I even know about) but will do my best not to do so when it is unwarranted. Nobody is perfect, but I will get as close as I can. Sorry if you are offended by anything I write, I will work to avoid being vulgar but sometimes I might feel as though a point simply can’t be made in a way that remains totally free from anything that might outrage someone.

*This should be understood to represent a commitment to do this unless unavoidable circumstances like sickness or emergency prevent it. Sometimes the daily update will be small, but unless there is no internet access where I am, there will be something.