I’m afraid I spent the day moving a rather large chunk of stuff around and organizing it, and so have been a bit less free to write than normal.

However, I have spent some time today considering difficulties in communication. It seems to me that if we are to communicate about anything important, it is vital to stop short of describing our feelings, even short of describing our thoughts, and start first with explaining, to the best of our ability, the starting point and motivation that underlie our methods of thinking.

It seems so blatantly obvious that I feel we often miss it, and it causes a lot of difficulties. One of the reasons science works so well is that this factor is held constant not only by the desires of the persons pursuing it, but also rigorously enforced by the… gestalt, for lack of a better word, of the group.
I’ll probably make this into an Anatomy of a Thinker post later, but for now, my apologies for being too busy to write something longer; finally being free at 11PM did not seem to allow enough time tonight for any of the numerous subjects worthy of discussion.


Sleep well, I’ll catch you tomorrow.