So that lasted a lot longer than I thought it would. It turned into a mental health break too. I guess I’ll have to explain that in more depth, but suffice it to say that when I say “mental health break” I really do mean it in more than a “heavens I was overworking myself a bit” sort of way.

Partially as a consequence of shifting priorities, I think I will shift format a bit to include a bit of evidence in contradiction to the frequent claims of the religious, spiritual, and those persons who insist on referring to their theological convictions as a, “relationship”. (If it is indeed a relationship, I cannot help but note that it bears more resemblance to a stalker who happens simply not to be stalking a person who is demonstrably extant in reality.)

This is a somewhat long-winded way of saying that I think I’ll include posts about other things rather than confining myself exclusively to books and the ridicule of the ridiculous. There is, after all, no better refutation of the nonsensical position that one cannot be satisfied in life without believing in space pixies or what have you than evidence of a life lived well in the absence of such frippery.


In any event, my apologies for the long absence, those few of you who actually read this.