A tea and death metal fuelled frenzy!
Sorted all the books in my living romo
Got all of the random crap out of my living room
romo too
Swept living room
Used CLR (soap scum+calcium+lime+rust remover cleaner) to clean my shower. That too awhile and a lot of elbow grease.
Cleaned my sinks. Kitchen and bathroom
Cleaned kitchen counters
Did the dishes
Cleaned my water boiler gizmo
Cleaned the fridge so it’s now spotless inside and out
Boxed sorted books that I’m getting rid of
Put ‘keep’ and ‘keep for now’ books away on shelf
Cleaned window screen in bathroom
Emptied trashes
Anti-flea sprayed the other room just in case.
Made dinner
Organized my creative area
Replied to prospective lodgers, set meetings for Thursday and tomorrow
Checked litter box, emptied the pan that catches litter when kitty paws are coming out of litter box.
Cleaned bathroom floor
Cleaned toilet
Cleaned pantry shelf
Fought off depression
Exercised for half an hour
Resisted urge to reactivate facebook
Dealt with intense loneliness (successfully!)
Arranged design meeting with friend
Socialized with new friend
…all accomplished in about 6 hours. RAWR!