I am a skeptic, an agnostic atheist, a philosophical Taoist, and a lover of the finer things in life: good books, nature, learning, and beauty. (To name a few)

I have a degree in English Literature from UCSC, though I did most of my general education at Ventura Community College, and am a veteran of the United States Army.

My tremendous love of nature was nurtured by my dear mother, who took my sister and myself on long meandering camping trips up and down the west coast of the United States. My thirst for knowledge and truth was fostered by all of my parents, as well as the many exemplary educators whose classes I have had the privilege of attending.

I think the others are quite self-explanatory.

I live in the United States, in Santa Cruz, California, along with the furry and beloved Munchkin, a purry grey bandit whose incredible charisma and cuteness will doubtless attract more traffic to this page than any effort of mine. (picture to follow)

I have a great affection for pen and paper RPGs, and am currently working on an excruciatingly thorough re-write based loosely on the OGL d20 system, with an eye toward making the system both more sophisticated and accessible. Feel free to contact me regarding the project, but be aware that while I am happy to discuss it I am not at liberty to release the alpha rules yet.

I enjoy MMOs as well, and although I do currently maintain a TERA Online account I do not regularly play at the moment. My preferred genres in gaming are RPG, dungeon crawler, and strategy, and generally the more complex the better. Shout out to fellow fans of the brutal but rewarding games like Angband variants silly games like Disgaea, and the intersection of the two: Elona, Dwarf Fortress, etc.