Wherein the often silly categories will be explained:

  • Adventures in Equine Pugilism — These posts have a central theme: repetition. If I am commenting on a specific article but largely repeating something I already said in terms more specifically germane to the article, link, image, news story, so on and so forth, and especially if I am aggravated about it–it’ll end up here.
  • Anatomy of a Thinker — Posts in this group will always relate to the process, methods, and nature of thinking. This includes (but is not limited to!) formal logic, reason in everyday life, fallacies, the ways our brains can trick us, and perhaps most importantly, the ways other people try to (and often succeed) in tricking us.
  • Religion — Well if you need this one explained, I am afraid there is no hope for you. It will have a subcategory if it is addressing one specific religion, otherwise look at the tags to see if your particular Sacred Cow is mentioned.
  • Friendly Contrapologist — These posts will sometimes discuss, and usually provide transcripts of the eponymous videos on my youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/Contrapologist
  • Politically Awkward Penguin — Need a laugh at a politician’s expense? I may be able to provide. The Politically Awkward Penguin discusses politics, economics, social issues, and I will occasionally take a stab at lampooning the “pap” that some media tends to pawn off as journalism. I do not know everything, and may occasionally be mistaken–that is where the awkward figures in–so be warned that while I do not intend to vacillate, my views may change with new evidence.
  • Bashful Bookish Bear — This may someday be its own blag, but for now it will contain my thoughts about various books, literature, and other creative or informative writing.
  • Meanderings — The catch-all.